Avocado oil for hair growth

Avocado oil for hair growth

Avocado oil is high in antioxidants, minerals, vital fatty acids, biotin, and vitamins A, B-5, and E, all of which help to keep your hair soft, elastic, strong, and shiny. Avocado oil's high biotin content encourages thicker, longer, and stronger hair growth. Its fatty acids aid in the stimulation of blood flow and the unclogging of blocked follicles which could help to prevent hair loss. 

Avocado oil is rich in magnesium which is a mineral that supports healthy hair development deep within the follicles. Magnesium keeps calcium from building up on your head. Calcium buildup clogs hair follicles, irritates the scalp, and causes it to dry up. By minimising calcium accumulation, magnesium enhances circulation and ensures that your hair follicles get the nutrients they need to develop.

Avocado oil aids in moisture retention, unclogging hair follicles, and boosting blood flow to the scalp, as well as delivering vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fatty acids, all of which are essential for strong, healthy hair growth.

Avocado oil is used in our high porosity hair growth oil. 

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