ROSEMARY OIL for hair growth

ROSEMARY OIL for hair growth

How does Rosemary oil help with hair growth??

Rosemary oil is derived from rosemary shrubs. 

It contains Carnosic acid which is  found in the petals, sepals, and leaves of the rosemary plant. Carnosic acid has antioxidant properties. It promotes nerve growth and healing the nerves on the scalp  which help promote healthy hair growth. 

Rosemary oil provides your scalp and hair with anti-inflammatory and circulation improving properties that help keep your hair follicles healthy, decreasing dandruff,  and increasing hair thickness + growth. 

It also has soothing,  antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and more amazing benefits that help with a variety of things such as  herbal medicine, hair growth, and aromatherapy

Rosemary oil is used in our Ayurvedic Herbal Oil. For maximum results use this oil as a scalp massage and hot oil treatment consistently to stimulate hair growth.
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